About us

How it started

One day, about 4 years ago, one of the founders- Adam decided to buy a drinking game as a birthday gift to his friend.

Long story short, they had a lot of fun and made it a habit of buying each other drinking games in their friend circle at every opportunity.

"But we realized that there are some really trash ones that we regret paying for" - thats when the idea sparked.
"We thought, how useful would it be to have something like a guide to drinking games..."

Then it hit us, we could create a store which only sells the best drinking/party games out there. And we can be certain because we test them all properly before reccomending them to somebody else.

Nowadays, Boozegames store share 3 best picks for party games each month that you can purchase directly from the website.

As you might imagine, we love our "work" now and we are also happy to be able to bring value to other people by only delivering the best product reccomendations.