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Shock roulette

Shock roulette

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Why Shock Roullete:

- very Unique, people get shocked(pun intended) when they find out about this game

variety of different ways you can play the game- who is most likely to, drink or dare etc...

adrenaline like with no other game

- its compact- you can take this with you wherever you want

- the only question that remains... are you brave enough to try this?

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Isnt it a kids game?

Yeah, sureee.... Just try this and you will change your opinion very fast. The ammount of adrenaline and pure fun that you get with Shock Roullete is unbelievable.

Create you own rules

Even though this was initially created as a kids game, we thought, how hilarious would it be to transfer this into a party game. You can create your own rules around shock roulette and thats why this game is great even for poeple who don't drink.